Customer Support

Welcome to Customer Support

This page is for technical support for Serends customers.

The service is provided to ensure that the service-based products are in optimal condition so that the customer's work can be carried out smoothly.
A maintenance contract with Serends Co., Ltd. provides all Premium Service, provides Unlimited technical support regardless of the time of support, and provides on-site visit support.

Serends Customer Support provides the following services based on the Web.

24x7 Technical Support via SR
Knowledge Transfer to provide in-depth information on service products
You can inquire the history of past technical support and reopen related issues.
AS-IS vs TO-BE Comparison of Customer Operating Environment and Performance
Q&A via Forum
Faster delivery to New Technology
Download the product media file that you use

If technical support is required

Please register Service Request(SR) on the   Serends Customer Support Center site below.
     Serends Customer Support Center :

If you need to join the customer technical support site, please contact below.
     Tel: +82.2.6124.5812