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The Service of Serends Co., Ltd.

The service area is starting with licensing sales and includes consulting, maintenance business.
The serviceable product area enables Oracle database, Oracle/IBM middleware, and open source-related services used by enterprises.

Service Type


Maintenance for Oracle &
Enterprise Open Source Software
Perform technical support
and product maintenance


Consulting on Oracle product-based solutions
Consulting for Enterprise Open Source Solutions

License Sales

Oracle Software License
Enterprise Open Source Software License

Service Product Family

Services Offered



The service is provided to ensure that the service-based products are in optimal condition so that the customer's work can be carried out smoothly.

A maintenance contract with Serends Co., Ltd. provides all Premium Service, provides Unlimited technical support regardless of the time of support, and provides on-site visit support.

The main content of the Premium Service is on the right.

Customer Service
Provide the customer with a guide and direction to the product on which the service is based.

Plan service to customers and perform service delivery
Sizing Guide for DB and Middleware to Build New Services for Customers
Guide for upgrade and migration of products subject to maintenance
License Status Check and Guide for Software in Use
Proposing the direction of system standards for stable service operation

Products Service
Provide customers with services such as installation, patch application, and regular inspection of the products on which the service is based.

Perform products-related services such as installation, patch application, and regular inspection
Configuration Review: Checking and Analyzing the Configuration Environment
Patch: Patch Set and Single Patch, CPU Patch Enforcement
Health Check: regularly monitoring and providing recommendations on service operational status
Provide continuous information related to service products

Technical Service
24x7 provides all technical support for the products on which the customer is based.

Support troubleshooting through service requests (SRs) and proceed with Global SR
24x7 provide to analyze problems in case of product service abnormality and support service normalization
Enable service recovery in an Emergency situation
JVM, Stack Trace Analysis for Applications
Technical Meeting / Operational Technical Support for WAS and Database
Provide knowledge transfer to the person in charge on a regular basis

Configuration Review [CRE]
Prevent service faults or issues caused by misconfiguration.
Estimated Date: 0.5M/Instance

System configuration status
DB configuration security management
Oracle parameters and its kernel
Resource usage
Table options, index, cluster status
RAC environments with OS
Storage structure and its options
Backup and recovery configuration

Performance Review [PRE]
Detailed diagnostics the database performance status
Estimated Date: 0.5M/Instance

Efficiency of deployed SGA, background processes, database I/O
Characteristics and problems on SQL Access, user sessions
Statistics of Sort, Transaction Rates (TPS), Lock, Resource Contention, etc.
SQL type analyse; recursive, non-effective plan, re-parsing, etc.
Analyse of OLTP, Batch Job
Affinity of application and disk

DB Design [DEG]
Data modelling of DB the logical and physical design.
Estimated Date: dependent on the volume

Determine the data to be stored in the databases, and its relationship.
Identifying attributes
Defining the attribute’s data type
Migrate physical structure with logical model.

DB Migration [MIG]
Upgrade the version and optimize for high performance.
Estimated Date: dependent on the volume

Review the current system and its dependency with application layer.
Plan to migrate strategy including downtime, new functionality, side effect.
3 times deploy test, modify final plan.
Tune all related DB systems including SQLs, OS, network, DB kernels, etc.
Finally migrate the database.
Double consistency check the data.
Monitoring and tune SQLs after migrated.

SQL Tuning [STU]
Dramatically grow up the SQL performance
Estimated Date: at least 1 Month

Guarantee 4 ~ 50 times or more case by case.
Collect long running queries and analyse them.
Business rule based tuning
Effective tune the Batch Jobs.
Review the tuned SQL and apply in the production.

WebLogic Consulting [WLS]
Provides WebLogic consulting to effectively use WebLogic
Estimated Date: same case with database

Configuration Review
Service Architecture Design (TA)
Middleware Migration
WebLogic Tuning
Connection Pool
JVM Profiling



Serends Co., Ltd. do consulting on databases, middleware, open source, and infrastructure design based on them.

We provides the best consulting to help businesses apply the rapidly changing IT environment more smoothly and more quickly.

The consulting offered by Serends is on the left.

License Sales


Oracle and Enterprise Open Source Software License Sales

The representative products available for sale are on the right.

Database Product Family

Oracle Database
Times Ten In-Memory Database
Oracle MySQL
Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS)

Middleware Product Family

Oracle WebLogic Server
Oracle Internet Application Server (IAS)
IBM WebSphere Application Server
TmaxSoft JEUS
Apache Tomcat
JBoss Application Server

Monitoring & Performance Test Product Family

Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM)
Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS)