About Us


Serends is the friends who discover your Serendipity

the natural ability to make interesting or valuable discoveries

Serendipity is the reason for the existence of Serends Co., Ltd.

As we're so happy when unexpected luck comes, Serends wants to be another piece of good luck like Serendipity, along with the stability of the IT service that our customers have expected. Luck doesn't come easily, you'll have more quality of service than expected if you will with Serends Co., Ltd.

We got together to give you the serendipity.

Members of Serends join us to give Serendipity to Serends's customers. Beyond partnership with customers. Before pursuing mutual interests, We want to be a person who silently relieves customers of their difficulties.

So the members of Serends seek a horizontal relationship, emphasizing mutual trust and homogeneous closeness.